Claudio Gobbi



In 2016, Claudio Gobbi published his essential photography book about Armenian churches around the world. That publication was a study of typology but also of the representation of architecture through photography. Because we cannot always travel to the end of the world to see a building, we are used to speaking about constructions, architecture or cities that we have never visited but only know as images (and it is the same with works of art). Gobbi has never travelled to Krasnoyarsk and has decided to use this exhibition as a chance to create new images of the Armenian church in the Siberian City. Located on Molokova street, it was built by Areg Demirkhanov, the architect of Museum Ploschad Mira. Gobbi’s instructions are an ironical reference to books teaching how to make a perfect photograph — to publications where technique is always more important than the subject or the artistic gaze.*

* Thibaut de Ruyter, from the catalogue “The Fine Hands Show”, 14th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Russia.

Project realized with the support of Goethe Institut and produced by Vladimir Bush, Vera Chernetskaya, Oleg Deetz, Julia Kovaleva, Natalia Skidanova, Ivan Zuykov.